Rita Jones and Jennifer Hernández Sibilly

Nominated to SBA National Small Business Awards: Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Hernández Sibilly are an asset to the small business community through their dedication and commitment to the success of promoting the US Virgin Islands. When they started working on developing their business plan, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Hernández Sibilly had one common goal, b

Johanna Ruiz Bermudez

Ms Johanna Ruiz Bermudez, accomplished a milestone business venture, the completion and premier of her film production, Sugar Pathways. Government House on St. Croix rolled out the red carpet on 21 March 2009 for the global debut premier of “Sugar Pathways,” with more than 250 people turning out to see the documentary about the migration of Pue

Maxine Yvette Hart

Ms. Maxine Hart founded, “A Touch of Max” Beauty Salon, in July 1998 at the Watapana Mall, Christiansted, St. Croix. Her vision was to have the ultimate hair salon in St. Croix – a company where excellence and impeccable service are the standards, a relaxed atmosphere with an energy level that can only be associated with progressive work in a

Ms. Karen Bowry

THE MAIL HUB Born in the hearts and minds of two women, who studied the feasibility of this idea, and gave birth to The Mail Hub, LLC. Owned and operated by Ms. Karen Bowry, the core of the business is mailbox rental, mail services and money services. After one year of location hunting and many failed attempts to acquire a lease

Mrs. Annie Day Henry

Ladiday Enterprises, LLC. Annie Day Henry is regarded as a visionary woman who had the foresight to invent the Bra Pocket, the premium quality item that provides a way to help women keep valuable items (such as, credit cards, cell phones, and cash) safe. Mrs. Henry is the owner and founder of Ladiday Enterprises, LLC. She has taken a basic secu


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