Through our Service Charter, the VI SBDC promises to:

  • Smile
  • Greet everyone we meet
  • Know our jobs... And the University
  • Treat your concern as our concern
  • Follow-up on everything
  • Treat our co-workers as we would a client
  • Remember that communication courtesy matters



  • When you communicate with VI SBDC, we will:
    • Be courteous
    • Willingly assist you and be responsive to your needs
    • Treat you fairly and professionally
    • Be sensitive to diversity issues
    • Be accountable and adhere to sound business practices

Service Delivery:

  • When we perform services for you, we will:
    • Explain our services and deliverables to you
    • Aim to exceed your expectations
    • Demonstrate technical and professional competence in providing the services
    • Respect and maintain customer confidentiality

Service Evaluation:

  • After we have performed our service, we will:
    • Utilize customer review tools such as our Client Value Survey to seek feedback from our customer base on our performance
    • Review the feedback you provide to us and consider measures to further improve our service delivery
    • Continue to respect customer confidentiality beyond the term of our engagement