VI Department of Labor

The Virgin Islands Department of Labor's mission to administer a system of effective programs and services designed to develop, protect and maintain a viable workforce requires that we build partnerships with government agencies, businesses, community organizations and other stakeholders. It also requires a commitment to continuous improvement, reducing costs, improving business processes, technological efficiency, developing staff through training/mentoring/education, improving compliance with regulatory mandates and being a catalyst for positive change.

VI Housing Authority

The Virgin Islands Housing Authority is empowered with the responsibility for planning, financing, constructing, maintaining and managing Public Housing Developments in the Territory.




The NxLeveL® Entrepreneurial Training Program was founded in 1994 through a grant from The US WEST Foundation to the University of Colorado at Denver. Initially, NxLeveL was operated by the Western Entrepreneurial Network (WEN), in collaboration with partners located in the 14 western states that comprise US WEST Communications' corporate territory.

NxLeveL's mission is to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in our communities; develop training programs that help entrepreneurs to succeed; provide training materials at an affordable price to participants and partner organizations; and assist states and communities in implementing entrepreneurship training programs.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact®, Inc. wrote the book on Engagement Marketing™ — the new marketing success formula that helps small organizations create and grow customer relationships in today's socially connected world.

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