The INTRODUCTION TO QUICKBOOKS is a basic course which gives business owners the tools to work smarter -- not harder! Business owners and potential business owners who want to better organize their business, control their income and expenses and work more efficiently are encouraged to participate in this course. During the five sessions the following topics will be addressed: how to navigate in QuickBooks; setting up a company; setting up a standard list of accounts; managing your customers, vendors, and employees; working with bank accounts; entering sales; receiving payments; and entering and paying bills.

INTERMEDIATE QUICKBOOKS takes you a step further by considering in depth the following topics:

• Tracking Time and Processing Payroll
• Payroll Tax Reports: Monthly, Quarterly and End of Year
• Bank Reconciliations and Stale Checks
• Setting Up Inventory
• Solving Problems in Accounts Payable and Receivable
• Estimating and Progress Invoicing
• Budgeting
• Adjustments and Year End Procedures
• Rules and Regulations governing QuickBooks: Do’s and Don'ts

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