NxLevel ® – How To Write A Business Plan

Participants develop a comprehensive business plan during the course to act as a road map for future growth and success. NXLEVEL® - How To Write A Business Plan is an intensive 10 week, 30 hour course designed for entrepreneurs who want to expand an existing business or start a new business. You'll receive professional guidance in a classroom setting plus one-on-one counseling; taught by a certified NXLEVEL® instructor.


The NxLevel money management course “Money Matters” prepares individuals to successfully handle the money in their household and their businesses. The topics covered include:

1) Household budgeting
2) Setting financial goals
3) Creating a personal financial statement
4) Understanding credit
5) Debt – making it work for you
6) Linking personal and business finances
7) Borrowing for personal or entrepreneurial reasons
8) What to expect from a lender
9) Taking the first steps!

What you’ll learn:

“Money Matters” will give participants practical money management solutions that will allow them to sleep easier knowing that they are handling their money efficiently.

Why should you attend?

After taking this course, participants will understand how to create and stick to a budget, how to make credit work for them instead of against them, and how to set financials goals.

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